Main Dish Recipes

Chicken Piccata

A delicious and tasty meal in America, a basic bitch meal in Italy. Enjoy finding out how to woo your woman you fucking neanderthal.

Basil Pesto Salmon

Feeling brave? We're doing a pesto with a fucking mortar, better get ready to pretend it's your ex.


Not a horribly difficult recipe to make, but a damn good comfort food. It'll taste like mom's cooking after your drunken dad beat you on a Friday night.

Tomato Mushroom & Olive Tilapia

This is a fucking tasty and healthy one, not sure why I decided to throw this shit together but tilapia is cheap and kind of bland so figured this might be good. Read in to figure it the fuck out like I did.

Chicken Noodle Soup

Ever have a cold and wanted some chicken noodle soup? Well fuck Campbells, real men cook even when they're on the couch hemorrhaging blood. So get your ass out of bed and make some comfort food you little bitch.