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Austin Lemieux

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Ground Beef
1 LB
Ground Pork
1 LB
Yellow Onions
1 Large
1 Cup
Sourdough Bread
2 Slices
Worcestershire Sauce
Tomato Sauce
Kosher Salt
Black Pepper
Dried Thyme


Ready to mix some meat together and get slimy like the whore you are? This meatloaf is a pretty tasty meal that doesn't take too long to make, but there are some amounts that need to be followed on the ingredients lest you make it either falling apart like your sister or drier than the shit stain on your underwear.


First up cut your bread into about half inch cubes. Add these to a bowl with the milk, crack your egg in, add worcestershire sauce (amount doesn't really matter, measure with your heart you twat) and then go ahead and mix together. You can use a spoon if you're a prude but I usually just massage it with my hands like I'm fondling a nice set of big tits. 
Next up dice your onion, the finer the better. If you can get it looking like a hot bitch in a bikini you did it right. Add that to a separate bowl with the ground pork, the ground beef, the spices (again measure with your heart, the amount's don't matter but if you over or under season it you might as well ask Jesus to take you home) and then go ahead and give it a rough mix. This one you'll have to do with your hands most likely so expect to get dirtier than your inhibitions.
After the rough mix, add the wet ingredients into it along with some bread crumbs. The bread crumbs will help to soak up the moisture kind of like a tampon, so if you need to add more add more. Just don't add too much, you want a nice balance between wet and moist and formability. After this is mixed together go ahead and form into two "loaves" with your hands, and then roll in breadcrumbs so the outsides are nice and coated, they need to be happier than a pig rolling in shit.
Lay these in a pan and dent in the tops like your car door cause you can't drive. Afterwards top with the tomato sauce and bake at 350. They're done whenever they're good and hot like your wife during a cuckhold session, and the inside is browner than your asshole (seriously, go get that bleached.) Serve with whatever comfort side you like, there's tons on this blog to choose from so get cracking.