So what is Vulgar Cooking all about?

My name is Austin Lemieux, and my day job involves programming a lot as a Senior Software Engineer. That said I cook a lot as a hobby, and have been since I was about six. I figured it'd be nice to keep track of my recipes and figured I'd bolt a frontend on for you guys to enjoy as well. At some point in the distant future I'll have the mobile apps done, but one step at a time. Obviously my personality is dripping off this site, but if you don't die laughing too hard the recipes are usually pretty good. Let my fuck ups in the kitchen be your guide to great tasting home cooked food.

Oh, I also hate the sites with 50 million ads so for your viewing pleasure I'm keeping those to a minimum (gotta keep the lights on y'know.) That said in the future there will be a non-required annual subscription of $10/year that will allow you to have an ad free experience (gotta bolt on an account section first.) Honestly I'll make more that way than the ridiculous amount of views/clicks required to earn $10 dollars in the first place. Either way all content will be free with the support of minimal ads, but if you enjoy the site and hate ads I'm leaving that option open if you want to support the cause.